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It bothered me that none of the Tiny Groot GIF’s loop, so…

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The most hardcore handshake of all time. 

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It’s all a matter of perspective

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remember that time the mcu had a complex, multi-faceted, morally ambiguous poc character steeped in social allegory and the fandom reduced him to ‘motherfucker’ jokes and pulp fiction references

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Remember that time Gandalf convinced the whole party to flee so that he could take out the Balrog and not have to share any of the XP? Shows up the next session with fancy new robes and everything. What a jerk.

Best literary analysis ever.

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omg i love her

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We actually went up against each other when I was nominated for ‘Game Change’ and she got her first nom for ‘Horror Story’ and I lost then, so I’m used to losing to Jessica Lange. There is no better person to lose to. - Sarah Paulson

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Hilary Clinton spoke directly about the way racial discrimination plays into our justice system and how it plays into ferguson. Instead of saying “we all just need to get along,” she explicitly stated that the cause for the protests were racial discrimination against African Americans, and even addressed white privilege.

She has my vote. She had it before, but now she especially has it.



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The Stanley Parable, a game about choice and massive sarcasm.

Everyone needs to play The Stanley Parable at least once. It is a wonderful game and this photoset only conveys a small amount of the wonderfulness contained within.

This game is messed up let me tell you. Messed up, but good.

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